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For as long as I can remember I always had some type of camera, taking some type of picture. When I was eight I remember someone saying I was "quite the compositionist." I was eight, but it stuck with me.

Yet, photography wasn't something I ever thought would become a career. I preferred being in front of the camera. 20 years ago I arrived in New York as a model. From there I transitioned to acting and worked my way into SAG, AFTRA and AEA. Simultaneously, I lived a parallel life as a writer and graphic designer. The performing arts were treating me well, but any success was eclipsed by my work in advertising. In a very short time I had won a number of awards for print, television and online campaigns. It wasn't easy but I made the choice to stay that path, a path which ultimately led to becoming an Executive Creative Director for one of the industry's top agencies.

On one of those days I presented a campaign idea to a client that we all loved; but, there was no budget for a photographer. I couldn't watch it die. I had too much passion for it and so I blurted out, "I'll shoot it!" I think everyone laughed. But, in a flash, the years I had spent working with brilliant photographers, visionary filmmakers and courageous directors smashed head-on into my lifelong sensibility for storytelling through imagery and we produced this masterpiece. Good story :)


ethan david kent, photographer

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